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heart  Click here for a list of Dogs Needing Foster Homes!

As with most rescue groups, National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network is a foster based group, relying on foster homes to house our dogs until they are adopted.  NASRN does not have a shelter or kennel facility so, when there is a dog in a shelter and we have no foster homes, our options become very limited.  We often pay to board a dog in a boarding kennel as a short term solution, but that becomes very expensive, plus, more importantly, being kenneled round the clock is not good for a dog, mentally or physically. 

Foster homes often mean the difference between life and death for a dog in a shelter.

What is Fostering?

A foster home provides a temporary loving home for a dog while it is waiting for its forever home.  NASRN pays for all veterinary care while the dog is in foster care. Many foster homes provide food but NASRN can help with that when needed.  The length of time that a dog spends in foster care varies from dog to dog.  Sometimes we need an emergency foster home for 1-2 weeks and other times we need a longer term foster home where the dog will stay until it is adopted

Being a foster parent is one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities a person can find.  The opportunity to watch a frightened and confused dog blossom into a self confident dog and happy dog is priceless.  It’s okay if you haven’t fostered before!  Don’t fret; we will be there with you each step of the way to help with anything you need to care for your foster dog. If you’re interested in becoming a foster, our program coordinator will help you determine which type of foster will be the best fit for you! 

Emergency Foster Home:  Dogs often find themselves in precarious situations where they need an immediate safe place to stay, short term.  Emergency fosters are needed to take a dog, sometimes on short notice and usually for a short period of time.

Medical Foster Home:  Many of our dogs are in poor shape when we pull them from shelters.  Some of these dogs are not candidates to go to a boarding kennel and may need a short term medical foster.  Medical fosters can be anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the dog and the situation.  NASRN covers all vet bills and the foster parents provide TLC to the dog in need.

Traditional Foster Home:  The Traditional Foster Home will care for the foster dog until he or she has been adopted by its Forever Home.  Length of fostering can very widely.  Some dogs are adopted quickly and others may take a little longer.  It depends largely on the individual dog and the time of year. Traditional Foster parents are asked to care for their foster dog as they do their own.  Teaching your foster good manners, basic obedience, leash manners, etc will help to make the dog more adoptable.

Foster to Adopt:

The Foster-to-Adopt Program (FTA) was created to place animals into approved homes in a foster situation prior to adoption. The Foster-to-Adopt Program allows approved applicants to take a dog into their home to monitor the dynamic with other pets and make sure the addition to the family is a positive experience for everybody involved


How to Become a Foster Parent

Fostering is like adopting except its not forever.  The first step in becoming a foster parent is to fill out our online application.  We use the same form for fostering and adopting.  From there we will do a home visit, when possible, and will also ask for a veterinary reference.  

We do require securely fenced yards in all foster homes with few exceptions.  We try our best to match our foster homes with a dog that has the best chance of integrating into your home.  We do not always have much background on dogs coming from a shelter so we are extra cautious when it comes to small children, same gender dogs, cats, livestock, etc.  

heart  CLICK HERE to fill out our Foster Home Application.  This is the first step to become a Foster Parent!

I'm approved to foster..... what's next? 

If you have already been approved to Foster or FTA you may access our online Foster & FTA Agreements here:

heart SIGN Foster Agreement      (NOTE: This is only for applicants already approved to foster)

heart SIGN FTA Agreement     (NOTE: This is only for applicants already approved to foster to adopt)


heart Click here for a list of Dogs Needing Foster Homes!

For more information on our Foster Parent Program or Foster to Adopt Program, please email us!  






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